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“An educational seminar or series of meetings emphasizing interaction and exchange of information among a usually small amount of participants.”

Social Media Workshops -Calgary Alberta 2015

Social Media for Entrepreneurs-NEW!!

Congratulations! You’ve started a business! Now you need to attract customers. Social Media can’t be beat for creating a buzz and best of all the accounts are FREE. This course provides and overview of the most popular Social Media platforms that can spread the word about your new business quickly. Learn to position yourself as the go-to business in your area and to safeguard your reputation. 1 session. #81902 Saturday (SPECTACULAR SATURDAY!) March 7th 9:30am to 12:30pm. $99.00 to register

Below are courses I have taught in White Rock and Vancouver-to learn more, or book a private lesson, please contact me at:


Communicating with Social Media

Join me for a whirlwind tour of the latest social media platforms. Learn more about the ‘Big 3′-Facebook, Twitter, and Blogging, with a little bit of Pinterest and Instagram thrown in for good measure. By the end of the workshop you will have a better understanding of how you can communicate in the digital world. Bring a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to this workshop. White Rock Community Centre-Gallery. 1 session.

Facebook in Simple English 

Learn how to create a Facebook account, fill in your Facebook profile, review and adjust your privacy settings, and discover how to find people to ‘friend’. Learn how to do a Facebook status update, follow a business or organization, and ‘curate’ a Facebook news feed that is customized to your taste. You must bring a laptop or tablet to this workshop. White Rock Community Centre-HallB. 2 sessions. 

Blogging: For Passion, Profit, and FUN!

Learn how to create a blog for FREE, and how to share your posts with people from all over the world. Create an online biography, complete with photo. Discover how to monetize your blog, change your bio and join the blogging community that will provide support and recognition for your work. We will review some of my favourite bloggers, and learn WHY they are successful. You must bring a laptop or tablet to this workshop. White Rock Community Centre-HallB. 2 sessions. 

Finding Answers online…On your own!

Are you tired of waiting for someone to help you do ‘X’ on your smartphone, tablet, or computer? Learn how to get the answers you want and develop the skills to tackle technology at your own pace. Please bring a smartphone, tablet or laptop to this workshop. White Rock Community Centre-Gallery. 1 session.

Twitter for Fun or for Business

Learn how to use Twitter to communicate with people who have similar interests, or use it to promote your product, business or service. Find out how Twitter could save your life in an emergency. Please bring a tablet or laptop to this workshop. 1 session. White Rock Community Centre Gallery. 1 session.

Blogging: Just for the fun of it!

Do you like to write? Do you have a hobby or idea you are passionate about? If you would like to share your passion with the world, start blogging. Learn what a template is, how to create a personal profile, how to share your blog, receive notifications and reply to comments. White Rock Community Centre-Gallery. 1 session.

Facebook: The Basics

Explore the latest version of Facebook. Learn how to set up a Facebook account, manage privacy settings, post status updates complete with links, photos, and videos that will amaze your friends and family. By the end of the class you will have a Facebook account and know how to use it. White Rock Community Centre-Gallery. 1 session.

Facebook: The Next Step.

This workshop is designed for people who already have a Facebook account and want to explore other uses such as how to create a Facebook fan page, how to upload photos, videos, albums, links and how to visit other Facebook pages to shop, enter contests, find new friends and win free stuff.

Twitter Basics

See what all your friends are talking about! Find out how to create a personal profile that makes people want to follow you and how to find people you want to follow. Learn how to craft a ‘tweet’, how to ‘tweet-up’, and ‘re-tweet’. By the end of the workshop you will be tweeting like a pro. White Rock Community Centre-Gallery. 1 session. 

Introduction to MAC-The Basics.

Learn how to use your Mac computer with new found skill and confidence. Discover the basics of the desktop. Explore key areas in ‘systems’ and surf the net using Safari. Learn about the address book, Mac mail and how to download photos from your iPhone. Bring a MacBook to the workshop. White Rock Community Centre-Gallery.

Social Media: Educational or Waste of Time?

This workshop is an overview of 4 of the top Social Media platforms on the www, as well as tips on how to use GOOGLE as a research tool. We will examine Facebook, Twitter, Blogging and Pinterest. How they were originally designed to be used, and how they have evolved in a very short time. We will discuss the real world applications positive vs negative, and how Social Media has become part of popular culture. White Rock Community Centre-Gallery-1 session. 

Fashion-White Rock Leisure Services

Dressing For Your Body: At Any Age.

Do you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? Are you no longer sure what colours or styles look good on you? Join Cathy Burrell-former owner of Cavern Clothing, who will share some of her favourite shopping spots, tips on what to look for when shopping for clothes and how to dress for your body. White Rock Community Centre-Gallery. 1 session.


  • "Whether you're an entrepreneur looking to increase sales, or a grandparent posting photos, Social Media is for everybody, and it's here to stay."

    -Cathy Burrell

  • "Cathy is all about de-mystifying Social Media, taming techno fears, and helping people navigate the new world of electronic communication. A late E-bloomer herself, she brings together a twenty year career in Retail Fashion, seasoned business savvy, and a fun down-to earth approach."

    -Fall 2012 White Rock Leisure Guide

  • "In the year 2012 social media became one of the most powerful sources for news updates through platforms like twitter and Facebook"


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  • “As Your consultant, I work when and where you want me to. I am your personal resource and I'm someone who you can talk to about your business.”

    - Cathy

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