Social Media Education-One Step at a Time



elderly-computersI am a Social Media Educator. I teach people what Social Media is, and how to use it. My job is to open your mind to the possibilities then walk you through, step by step. You will learn how to set your privacy settings to a level that feels comfortable for you. How to set up an account, post a status update or a photo, or even De-activate an existing account. I teach you how to communicate in this new world, from your home computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Social Media is here to stay. Don’t get left behind…It’s never to late to learn!

Social Media is simply a NEW way to Communicate.

I believe that if you are not engaging in Social Media you are missing out on the opportunity to connect with your family, your community, the world! I started studying Social Media when I was 46 and seriously thought that everyone in the world knew more  than I did. I was wrong. I engage with others using  Social Media every day to promote my business, my workshops, and keep in touch with my friends. Social Media has reignited my passion for learning.

educationSocial Media is NOT one size fits all. Some people live on Facebook, and other people write blog posts every day. I hope I can inspire you to get involved, and decide for yourself, what Social Media platform is your preferred method of communication. Your participation in any of these workshops will ensure you will not be left behind as Social Media continues to expand our minds and moves us into the future. Welcome and Congratulations on taking this step.

If you have any questions regarding workshop content, or anything else…please contact me: cathy (at) or on my cell at 604-541-8426.

  • "Whether you're an entrepreneur looking to increase sales, or a grandparent posting photos, Social Media is for everybody, and it's here to stay."

    -Cathy Burrell

  • "Cathy is all about de-mystifying Social Media, taming techno fears, and helping people navigate the new world of electronic communication. A late E-bloomer herself, she brings together a twenty year career in Retail Fashion, seasoned business savvy, and a fun down-to earth approach."

    -Fall 2012 White Rock Leisure Guide

  • “I can show any business owner how to get started using social media to enhance their existing marketing.”
    - Cathy

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