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Being a customer is so much work! Or is it?

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Does the amount you spend determine how much you get?

I never used to think so. The lady at Deals World is just as attentive as the lady at Pricesmart…and the difference spent? A couple of bucks vs a couple of hundred.

Used Car/New Hairstyle

Here’s my story. My husband recently purchased a used BMW from the same dealership he purchased his last 2 from. (all used) With taxes, and extra insurance, extended warranty etc,etc he spent over 30K. I recently switched hair salons. I’m not particularly concerned with my looks, so when I walked into Suki’s on South Granville, looking characteristically dishevelled, with a bad colour job, and at least 6 months overdue for a proper haircut, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I simply had a problem that I was counting on them to solve.

The car started leaking oil, and it had a sort of lingering ‘smoky-smell’ that was unappealing to say the least. After driving the car to the dealership 3 times…at more than 65km each way, both issues were somewhat resolved. The issues required negotiation skills, and a raised voice on my part, as well as interpreting that inscrutable ‘man-code’ that required me to understand the phrase: “Don’t worry, Mr ‘used car sales manager’ will ‘take care of you.'” When I returned home for the last time, I realized there was a mistake on the bill. Their mistake. It took me approximately a month of phoning to get it resolved. (I am intentionally not mentioning the dealership by name, as I do not believe the power of blogging is to be used to slander businesses. I believe it is to spread positive messages of doing things right.)

Service with Respect for the Customer’s Time

Suki’s treated me with kindness and respect. They suggested a stylist, asked me what time was convenient for me to have my hair cut, and offered me a beverage. They didn’t tell me that I needed to book an appointment 3 months in advance, neither did they give me ‘that look‘ when I arrived without an appointment looking like a drowned rat, I mean cat! After a quick consult with a stylist, I was introduced to the young woman who washed my hair, and she made sure I was comfortable throughout the process. My hair was cut and dried, and if I do say so myself…It looks better than it has in years. A few weeks after my haircut, I received this notice in my e-mail box.(see below) There were no hoops to jump through…no strings attached…just a simple offer that had to be used within 2 months. Did I mention that the haircut was the first service I had there? Did I also mention that this delightful experience cost me much, much less than my husband paid for the above mentioned BMW?

Can you guess which business I will be telling all my friends, colleagues, and associates about? I hope you will too.

Do you have a positive experience with a local retailer, or service provider? Leave me a comment. We need to support each other. We can’t let thoughtless, lazy service win!

Suki’s: ph: 604-738-7713/ 3157 South Granville at 16th.


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