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Twitter is like a long have to have faith you're headed the right way!

I love twitter. I use it as a quick news source, a place to broadcast news about my business, and a place to communicate with my followers about what is happening in my life. I access twitter 2 ways: on my laptop, and on my iPhone using the free twitter app. Twitter is FAST, and IMMEDIATE. You don’t dilly-dally on twitter. I get in, scroll down my twitter stream, tweet, retweet or favourite. When I reach the tweets sent more than 1 hour ago, I sign out. I am NEVER on Twitter for more than 30 minutes.

I came across this article on Social Media Examiner this week…and I found it to be practical, and up-to-date…just like twitter. The Article is by Charlene Kingston. It’s called:

16 Creative Ways To Use Twitter for Business

If you already have a twitter account but don’t use it, this article might give you the encouragement you need to jump back into your twitter-feed.

If you are interested in creating a twitter account for your business, or just need someone to explain: “WHY TWITTER?” Please consider taking one of my twitter workshops this fall…or contact me, and I can do a private workshop for you and or your staff.

And of course, I’d love it if you would follow me on twitter. You can find me @CathyCavern

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