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I teach workshops on Social Media in White Rock,BC.

Facebook has been in the news lately…for all the wrong reasons. First there was the IPO, and the disappointing stock prices. Then there was Mark Zuckerberg’s honeymoon in Europe…complete with his bad tipping at a spaghetti joint in Rome! If you have a business, these media tidbits probably don’t concern you. What you want to know, is how does the new Facebook Timeline affect how I share information with, and engage with my customers?

Facebook Timeline

If you created a Facebook page for your business ages ago, and have been pondering what to do with it…now might be the time to jump in and start creating content. Why? because the new Timeline feature really makes it easy to make that content stand out.

3 Facebook Timeline Marketing Tips for Success

I read this article yesterday, and loved the brevity of it. It also gave me simple instructions on the ‘how-to’. I changed a few things on my own Facebook page(Cavern Retail Consulting- great small business/social media content. Hope you ‘like’ it.) immediately. No fuss…No Muss. I know you can do it too.

Even if you make just one change today…It’s a reason to tell your customers about your business, and strengthen your brand.

If you have any trouble,or questions…please contact me here…or if you live in the Surrey/White Rock area, sign up for one of my Facebook Workshops…The next one is July 3rd.

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