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The Popcorn Report

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I have worked in Retail for most of my life. I have worked as a clerk in a fabric store, and as a kitchen helper in a deli. I have owned 1 and then 2 ladies Retail clothing stores…specializing in Canadian designed and manufactured clothing and accessories. I have designed ladies clothing and wholesaled the line across Canada. Now, I am a Retail Consultant. It is very similar to working in Retail. What I do, is help people.

Being a Retailer for nearly 20 years taught me many things. One of the most important was that Retailers are quite isolated. I think most people start businesses because they are independent, and bright, and have loads of ideas and energy. Once you start your business, the time to network with other businesses, and business owners becomes more and more difficult to find. Sometimes, your business is a unique concept, and there seems to be no one to compare notes with. Sometimes your business is a newer version of an established concept, and you still can’t find anyone to compare notes with. Competition is supposed to be your friend…but often times, other business owners are fearful to speak to someone new about personal information such as sales goals, or staff issues. As a consultant, I have information and advice on a variety of issues that are unique to your business.

Trends are a huge part of business…and in most instances, seeing a trend, and being able to interpret it, can make a huge impact. I recently started to re-read a book that was a best seller in the early 1990’s. The Popcorn Report, by Faith Popcorn, was remarkable in it’s accuracy in trend forecasting. Reading it today…nearly 20 years after it was written, is amazing! I can’t help but wonder, how much my business was influenced by these trends, and how they shaped the retail world that’ Cavern Clothing’ existed in. Popcorn’s ability to examine trends in all aspects of life and explain the relevance of those trends is truly astounding.

Do you know where your business is headed? The future is certainly not going to wait…
This blog is my observation on Retail…and on the future of Retail. What do you need to know to succeed in business? What does success look like? The answers to these questions are as different as the businesses on any street in any city or town.

If you need help with the questions, or the answers…I’m just an e-mail away…

Cathy Burrell

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